What Services Do Diagnostic Testing Labs Provide?


video-screencapTraditionally, hospitals used to run their own laboratories to perform diagnostic tests of patients. But with new breakthroughs in laboratory medicine, many things have changed!

Many hospitals in New York have now handed over their laboratory services to independent laboratories. Be it a routine lab test like checking BP, blood count, blood sugar etc., or any advanced test for health issues like cardiovascular problems, cancer, nerve disorder, or more, private lab centers are offering comprehensive diagnostic management services in New York.

This is proving to be quite helpful for the physicians as they can now concentrate more on patient care, and receive patients test reports faster.

These diagnostic centers provide tests for wide range of health issues. Some of them are listed below.

Allergy – Diagnostic testing centers offer allergy tests associated with the skin, food, and inhalants. These tests are performed regardless of age and other factors like eating habits, family history.

Sleep Disorders – Sleep apnea, a sleep related disorder is another common health issue that is diagnosed by tests that are now outsourced to these laboratories.

Cardiology & Radiology – EKG, stress test, blood test, and other heart tests are a few cardiology and radiology tests conducted by diagnostic labs. Based on the test results, health care practitioners take the necessary measures.

Neurology – Nerve disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease are determined with medical scans like MRI, CT, PET, EMG, and EEG. These tests are also performed in the diagnostic centers.

Blood & Toxicology Laboratory – Diagnostic testing labs also offer blood and toxicology related testing services. These tests help in determining drug overdose and drug abuse in the patient’s body. Hence, the overall health of a patient can be determined through this test.

The diagnostic centers are staffed with skilled professionals. They are experts in performing all the above-mentioned tests. They ensure accuracy and faster turnaround time of results.


Top diagnosis carried out in medical laboratory

In every medical laboratory, technicians carry out certain type of diagnoses. These technicians assist physicians in finding out the exact cause of the ailment and accordingly treat the patient against diseases. The technician performs the test by taking samples of either blood, tissue and other body fluids. 

Medical lab technicians are employed in various healthcare centers including hospitals or doctors’ offices. Tests that are done in laboratory play an important role in the detecting various diagnosis. These tests help to determine the existence of the disease, and2 inimest masinaga its stage. It also helps to monitor the success of treatment.

Doctor’s take 60 percent to 70 percent decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis depending on the test results taken in the laboratory and accordingly prescribe the treatment.

There are numerous experiments or functions that lab technicians conduct in the laboratory. Some of them are as follows-

  • To examine various samples under microscope

  • analysis of blood, its fluids, tissues (e.g., urine, cerebrospinal fluid) and cells

  • to identify bacteria, microorganisms and parasites

  • to examine body fluids present in the body

  • to match the blood for transfusion into other body

  • to monitor patient result

Top five tests that are conducted in a medical laboratory are-

Glucose test-

This type of test identifies blood glucose level in the body. Other than this, it is used to screen, diagnose, and monitor diabetes, and hypoglycemia. For those who are diabetic, they need to check their glucose level on regular basis.

Stool Culture test-

This type of test determines whether there is presence of pathogenic bacteria in gastrointestinal tract or not. In order to conduct the test, fresh sample of stool is required. The sample should however be placed in a specialized container.

Thyroid test-

There are majority of people who suffer from thyroid disorders. However, in order to find out its presence doctor prescribes the patient to go for thyroid test. The test that is performed finds out thyroid disorders.

Uric acid test-

This type of test detects levels of uric acid in the body and if it is high or not. Other than this, the test helps to monitor chemotherapy.

Although all medical laboratory provide all diagnostics services and may not bring in results, which are accurate. Therefore, you need to find a reputed diagnostic center that provides quality services.

Sleep disorders- All you need to know about it

Almost everyone during his or her lifetime has faced trouble during sleep. However, this is not a matter of concern, rather temporary and happens due to stress or some other factors. 4-1124x373

If in case, you face sleep problems on regular basis, then you may need to consult a doctor because you might be suffering from a sleep disorder. This type of disorder may cause more than just sleepiness. The problem you face may include lack of sleep, emotional balance, may have negative impact on your energy, and other health issues.


  • Insomnia– it is the incapability to get the required sleep. This type of problem can last for few nights or may be few months or years. The main cause can be due to jet lag, strain, hormonal issues, digestive problems, or any other disease or condition.

  • Restless leg syndrome- (RLS) is a strange urge to move the legs, sometimes with a itchy feeling.

  • Chronic Illness and Sleep- other cause of sleep disorder may be due to chronic illness, like diabetic issues, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more.

  • Stress and Sleep-stress is main cause of the disorder and is it is not managed properly then you can face various health issues. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor or learn how to manage stress.

  • Hormonal issues-The hormonal change is one factor that affects the body. Moreover, pregnant women face lot of physical discomforts that are associated with pregnancy. It can affect her quality of sleep.

  • Aging and Sleep- age is one factor but despite of it, good sleep is required in order to maintain physical health and emotional well-being.


The people who face sleep disorders for a long time, they may need to visit a doctor or medical diagnostic services. The doctor will do proper diagnosis and find out the exact cause of the problem. However, to find out the cause, certain tests are conducted that may be recommended by the doctor-

  • Polysomnography – it is a kind of sleep study. A multi-parametric test is conducted that is used in the study of sleep. The result after test is called as polysomnogram. Other than this, one who is facing sleeping disorders should record daily activities of when they go to sleep and when they really fall sleep.

  • Genetic blood testing– this type of diagnosis is done in the rare case that also in case of narcolepsy that is when a person is unpredictable of the spell of falling asleep.

How Diagnostics have become an easy task in Hospitals?

The medical facilities are burden with numerous activities. Hospitals need to make sure that they manage services in an efficient manner. The effective management would help in ensuring that they cater to large number of patients.

The total treatment and care of patients can only be achieved, when all the things are conducted efficiently in a hospital. Numerous activities need to be conducted at the same time. Schedule of Practitioners may extend for hours without any break. The kind of schedule followed by them is hectic and at several occasions, practitioners need to practice for long.

To ensure that schedule of physician’s eases, there is availability of management service providers. These service providers provide assistance in various aspects related to diagnosis. They cover various other aspects as well. The medical facilities have introduced this concept, which has proved to be effective. 1

Following is the list of services, which service providers provide to the medical facilities –

Diagnostic for Allergy – The patients complaining about allergies related to skin, breathing, eatables and other related allergies can be treated only by diagnostic services. The service providers ensure that patients are treated with utmost care. Various tests are conducted to reach a conclusion.

Diagnostic for Sleep – The sleeping disorder sleep apnea has become a common concept. One or the other person is suffering from this disorder. The practitioners can depend on medical laboratory diagnostics to manage patients suffering from sleeping disorder.

Diagnosis for Heart – The heart related tests needs to be done with utmost care and attention. They conduct various tests like Electro Cardio Graphy (EKG), blood test, and other tests without any hassles. The stress test is another test, which has become a common norm. Doctors are not required to engage their time in conducting these tests as service providers conduct them with perfection. The management done by them is scheduled in such a manner that maximum number of tests can be conducted without any hassles.

Diagnosis for Neurology – The tests for neurological diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer need to be done in an accurate and efficient manner. A number of tests are available for diagnosis. These tests help in representing present situation of a human body. The tests like CT Scan, EMG, ECG, MRI and other related tests are some of the common tests, which are conducted by management service providers.

How various types of tests help in maintaining health of individuals?

The diagnosis of diseases at a sudden moment of time can be disheartening for patients. The checkups at regular intervals help in diagnosing activities and movement of body parts. The detection of a disease at a checkup can be as shocking as it can be. However, remedy can be taken well in advance, which helps in increasing life expectancy. diagnos

The medical facilities are equipped with state of the art infrastructure, which helps in diagnosis. The reports of diagnosis may come into being after few days or weeks, depending on the type of test. There are number of tests, which can be conducted at only a few medical centers. These types of centers ensure best of the services from their end. 

Following is the list of services, which patients can seek from diagnostic service centers –

Cardiology – The cardiology tests include EKG (Electrocardiography), stress test for heart, blood tests and other related tests. The above tests are conducted by centers only after receiving recommendations by the Medical Practitioners. The radiology and cardiology tests are those tests, which are conducted only after receiving approval from senior medical personnel. The outcome of these tests comes after one or few days.

Neurology – The patients seeking diagnostic services for Alzheimer can contact medical diagnostic services. The tests included in this category are MRI, CT scan, ECG, EMG and EEG. Medical practitioners recommend these tests after they have detected some sort of symptoms.

Blood Laboratory – The blood tests can help in diagnosing various factors. The patients need to prove innocence in cases pertaining to drug abuse or overdose can also take help from this test. The blood tests allow an individual to know patient’s health. The blood tests help in overall health of an individual.

Allergy – The medical practitioners recommend individuals to undergo allergy tests on regular basis regardless of their age, health or any other related service. The allergies can be due to any factor like food, sunrays, skin, water or any other type of allergy.

Sleeping Disorder – The sleep apnea has become a common trend in today’s time. The actual cause and diagnosis of this disorder can be ascertained with the help of medical tests. The medical professionals recommend individuals to undergo this test and start medicating at the earliest possible to avoid any sort of brutal consequences.